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Welcome Everyone!


It is Official, my website is done!

I am sure there will be some things that need adjusting at some point. But for now, this is it.


I have always wanted my own website, ever since I first discovered that "normal People" can have them too. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point, I'd say blood sweat and tears, but mostly tears and a little bit of sweat (making a website is not easy, and although I am not surprised by the difficulty, quite a few tears of frustration has welled up in my eyes over the last two months).


Here is an overview of my pages and what is on them:


Home Page: There is a short description of the things I will be posting about. The five forms of art, and a short description of my opinions of each of them.


About Page: I have written a few words about me, my art and my family here. There is also some photos here that’s not in the gallery.


Gallery Page: I have links here to several gallery pages that contains photos of the creations that I wanted to share, there is also a featured section where I have posted my favorite photos of my creations.

Everything: On this page I post photos of almost everything I have compleated. With the exception of repaired photos, they are found only under Digital Art.

Paintings: On this page I post photos of all my compleated paintings, this includes all kinds of paintings except colored pencil drawings (where water has been added) and digital paintings, each of those are found under there respective categories.

Drawings: On this page I post photos of all my compleated drawings including those that has been colored and those that have had water added to the colored pencils/paper.

Digital Art: On this page I post photos of all my completed digital art, this includes freehand paintings, composites (where more then one image have been combined and altered to make a new image) and repaired photos (before and after).

Clay Work: On this page I post all photos of my compleated clay creations, both painted an non painted, as these are 3D creations there may be more images per item then there would be any of the drawings and paintings categories.

Wire & Jewelry: On this page I post photos of all my compleated wire and jewelry creations, including any beaded projects, these are also 3D creations and there may be more images per item then there would be any of the drawings and paintings.


News Page: Here there are links to my most recent posts, Subscribe button, social medias and small windows showing my posts elsewhere. There is also a link to the page All Posts.


All Post: On this page I will link all my posts, newest first. Some of these can be found in the News Page, under recent posts


Contact Page: Here there is a form that can be used to contact me about anything such as questions about something I have posted and so fourth, I can also be reached on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, G+ or Twitter.


To elaborate on why I made this place, Vanity, may be the simple answer. But I just want to show off my work to anyone that wishes to see. Being as I have quite a limited audience at home (2,5 people) this seems, to me, to be the best option. I will of course be sharing photos and such elsewhere, but it’s nice to have somewhere to link back to.


I also hope to sell some of my creations. Currently I don’t have a sales page, but it is in the planning, and not so distant future. I realize that this may be a difficult dream to fulfill. But I will give it my best, put my best out here and we will see what happens.



Any thoughts?