My Husband

A b o u t

About My Husband

I am sure most wives feel strongly for their husbands and I am no different. All I can say is, that I love this man more than I could ever put into words.


He is an intelligent man with a wonderful sense of humor and a wonderful smile. He is very good at making friends and always seem to find common ground with everyone he meets.


We do spend most of our time together although our interests somewhat diverge as he is a gamer at heart (which, incidentally, is how we met), he also likes to travel when the opportunity arises.


Originally he is from England and moved to Norway to be with me. He left a lot behind to do so, but he seems very happy here and I don’t think he regret his decision. Of course he does miss his family and friends.


We have been to England a few times, the first time was our honeymoon and the other times was to visit my husbands children and friends.


And to have some proper

fish and chips!