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The main focus of this website will be painting, not because it is what I have done nothing but paint over the years, but because it is what I always come back to. However should I make something nice in any of the other category’s I will of course post them.


The reason I love painting so much is that when I paint, I can forget everything else around me. It is a really nice way to just relax and think about nothing but the present.


As mentioned on my home page, I have been painting for over 10 years, mostly gifts for others (by others I mean my family). I say over 10 years because I don’t have an exact number, and I have had  times where I don’t paint, if you count from when I was a child. It’s been one of those things where I have focused almost all of my painting in the November-December months, and almost exclusively making Christmas presents.


I consider digital art almost in the same category, the same with drawing. All are flat surfaces that one creates an image on. Clay, wire and Jewelry are to me very different, even different from each other. I use clay to make large detailed surfaces, boxes are a favorite, but I would rather use wire to make smaller things like Jewelry, chains and even small sculptures. I made a tree once, out of wire, with hanging beads, sadly, I don’t have a photo of it.


But mostly, for the near future, I want to paint more. More of the things that interest me, and things that others may like as well, it is one of the things I plan on changing throughout this year, and to keep it up in the future. Other then that I just want to learn everything I can and to grow as an artist.